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Coffee Talk With Moira ~ March 15, 2012

Attitude...It's Important!

While shopping the other day, I came to a sad conclusion.  Too many people have bad attitudes!  What I mean by 'bad-attitudes' is this - people seem to be eager to get upset!  For the life of me, I can't understand the motivation behind it!?!  Who wants to go around feeling upset, angry, slighted, offended, or spiteful? 

We all get upset.  This Broad admits to getting her panties in a bunch once in awhile *blushes*, but being happy is much better.  And then, I realized an underlying issue that I just had to share with you all during Coffee-Talk!  Our attitudes, whether in the grocery store, at the too-long-red-light, during a poor performance, toward our kids as they come in the door from a hard day at school, with the insurance salesman on the telephone, or with the stranger walking down the same side of the street as we are matters more than we can imagine.

Every day, we affect someone - lots of someones.  We wield power, Broads!  Likewise, we are as affected by those we encounter.  I had to re-adjust after returning home from my outing - that bad's catching!  If I continued on with that bad-attitude, you can bet that one of my kids would have caught it, in turn passing it along to another brother or a neighborhood friend.  Just as catching is a good attitude. 

Today, take a deep breath and smile.  Cleanse out all that murky nastiness that builds up inside.  Window girl give you bad-attitude when you ordered your morning coffee?  How about tomorrow you give her a dollar tip - or even a five-dollar tip - and tell her that you appreciate being able to stop on hectic mornings and grab your coveted mocha-latte?  Can you imagine how it would brighten her day?  Even more importantly, what will it do for you?   



  1. Very true! It's you-get-what-you-give principle, I'd say. We all have bad days, and I admit I sometimes take my frustration on innocent people, and I feel very guilty afterwards. Most of the time I try to remember that it's not the cashier's or the waiter's or whoever's fault that I have a bad day and be polite to them. And then MY day isn't that bad anymore. Great post!

  2. I'm glad you enjoyed Coffee-Talk. We all get worked up at times...I feel guilty afterward, too. But we really can alter someon's entire day by showing a little kindness.

    Plus...I couldn't stop laughing on all the cartoons I found on the subject!


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