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Marie Treanor Guest Post

We are thrilled to welcome back once again to the Brazen Broads Book Bash author Marie Treanor.  Creator of one of our favorite characters in romance, Saloman, Marie is the author of the Awakened By Blood Series books, which include Blood On Silk and her newest book, Blood Sin.

Mad, Bad and Dangerous by Marie Treanor.
Hello! And many thanks to the Brazen Broads for having me back!

As you probably know I’m celebrating the release this month of Blood Sin, the second book of my vampire romance trilogy, Awakened by Blood. I’ve been waiting with bated breath to find out what the Broads think of it, because if you remember, they were very kind about the first book Blood on Silk. They particularly liked my vampire hero, Saloman, whom Moira called “Mad, bad and dangerous to know”.

Since this wonderful description was first applied to Lord Byron, it fits rather well with dark, gothic romance! And of course, there is a vampire connection to Byron too. He wrote a poem called The Gaiour, which mad…

Blood Sin-Marie Treanor

Saloman and Elizabeth Remain 'Silky-Smooth' In Treanor's Second Awakened By Blood Novel.........

Elizabeth has returned to her home in Scotland, teaching at university and awaiting the decision on her doctoral thesis.  Although some semblance of normalcy has found its way into her life, the responsibilities of being 'The Awakener' and a vampire hunter continue to weigh heavily on the same heart that feels an intense pull toward the ancient vampire, Saloman. 

Attempting to protect a fellow descendant of Tsigana's bloodline, Elizabeth finds herself in the presence once again of the mesmerizing Saloman at a gathering of collectors interested in ancient, mystical relics, and she must determine whether it is blood or blade that brings him after learning that a priceless sword rumored to be the 'Sword of Saloman', coveted by vampires and humans for its power and protection, is on site.  Struggling against her own passion, Saloman's enchanting ways, and t…

Worth Any Price, Lisa Kleypas

When Is Love .....Worth Any Price? 

Worth Any Price, by Lisa Kleypas, is set in London, England in the late 1830's, centering on Miss Charlotte Howard, a young woman on the run from an undesirable marriage, and Nick Gentry, the Bow Street runner hired to retrieve her.  Upon finding her whereabouts, Nick discovers Charlotte to be quite different than what he expected, so instead of returning her to her family and thereby sentencing her to a life of misery under the cruel hand of Lord Radnor, he asks her to marry him.  Now discovered, Charlotte has little choice but to agree, and something about Mr. Gentry makes her eager to be his bride, even though she believes the marriage will be in name only. 

Lisa Kleypas is a big name in romance, so I confess to expecting big things inside the cover of her novel, Worth Any Price.  The first few chapters were, quite frankly, a disappointment.  The circumstances in which Nick finds Charlotte are nicely contrived, but the fact that he seeks to s…