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October Top 5: Why Vampires Are Our Favorite Monsters

In celebration of Halloween, we turn our Top 5 for October to the top 5 reasons we love vampires more than any other supernatural creature or monster.  Both Broads are fans of the fangs from way back, beginning with the granddaddy of them all, Dracula.  We love their blood lust and all the other kinds of lust writers seem to think up for these creatures of the night.  Below the list is the discussion of our choices, sure to be racy, so read, enjoy, and have a fangtastic Halloween!


1.  Danger/ No pelt to get in the way like other supernatural creatures
2.  Creatures of the Night/Neck work
3.  Look young, generally old school/Enthrallment is a great excuse for being a bad girl
4.  Always wealthy/Are you experienced?
5.  Tortured souls/Control of metaphysical world

Number 1 reason to love vampires?

Alexandria: Vampires are the definition of sexy danger.  Think of other supernatural beings.  Sure, they're dangerous.  The werewolf will tear out your jugular as…

Illegals: The Unacceptable Cost of America's Failure To Control Its Borders-Darrell Ankarlo

Talk radio personality Darrell Ankarlo has over three decades in the broadcasting business.  He has been awarded multiple Talkers Magazine Heavy Hundred Awards, two Dallas Press Club Katie Awards, a Billboard magazine Air Personality of the Year Award, and the Scripps Howard Excellence in Journalism Award.  Honored by the White House for his efforts to raise money and support for America's military with the President's Volunteer Service Award, Ankarlo lives his patriotism in deed.  Numerous television appearances on shows such as Glenn Beck, Anderson Cooper 360, NBC's Today, and Paula Zahn Now, among many others, in addition to his previous book, What Went Wrong With America and How to Fix It, showcase his knowledge and experience concerning issues that face our nation today.

In his latest book, Illegals, Darrell Ankarlo investigates many aspects of America's devastating war with illegal immigration.  Focused primarily on the Mexican border, Ankarlo cites t…

The Princes of Ireland: The Dublin Saga-Edward Rutherfurd

History and Fiction Meet on the Liffey Plain......
Edward Rutherfurd takes readers back in history to explore the misty-green, magical land we know today as Ireland, focusing on Dublin and surrounding areas.  Spanning eleven centuries, The Princes of Ireland begins in Dubh Linn, 430 AD, and introduces the characters whose families will carry the saga through the mid 1500's.  Rutherfurd blends historical fact and fiction seamlessly together, creating the paths the descendants of Celtic, Nordic, and English lines take over the course of years.  Quite lengthy, the novel boasts 770 pages, but in actuality, there are three major time periods dealt with, each with its own characters and events.  Because of this, the story doesn't feel overdrawn; it stays fresh and flowing, but I must admit, during the second storyline set in the 1100's, I had to force myself to read through portions.  This was the only section I struggled with, and I very much enjoyed the novel over…

The Taking-Erin McCarthy

Wild, Campy, and Commonplace in The Crescent City
Erin McCarthy's novel, The Taking, is the story of Regan, an heiress, and her fantastical love affair with a voodoo priest named Felix.  The story takes place in New Orleans, and the story is, in parts, as mysterious and wild as The Big Easy is said to be.  Complete with demons, curses, spells, and a dead woman come to haunt a house and its owner, The Taking has a little bit of every kind of supernatural mojo, except vampires, it seems.  A romance at heart, the story is also in some ways a paranormal mystery, of sorts, but also blends in a bit too much of the everyday, resulting in a bit of a hodge-podge of a story.

The story begins with Regan as an unhappy wife to Beau Alcroft, a New Orleans lawyer.  She plans to leave him because she doesn't love him, but her plans are given credence when she meets Felix, a practitioner of voodoo who is hired to read tarot cards at her husband's law firm's Christmas part…

The Spurned Viscountess-Shelley Munro

Dark and Romantic Story
The Spurned Viscountess by Shelley Munro is a romance story set in England with strong Gothic undertones.  In addition, the story includes a mystery that runs parallel to the romance. Rosalind, the heroine, is sent to marry Lucien, Lord Hastings, but upon meeting him sees her future as loveless and cold.  Lucien doesn't want to marry her, who he silently calls his English mouse.  He is still in love with his wife, who died along with his unborn child in a murderous attack and wants to find their killer, not marry some woman he's never met.  In addition, he doesn't remember anything about his life in England because of the attack, which scarred him both inside and outside.  But Rosalind is stronger than most people give her credit for, and she resolves to marry him and hopes that he will some day at least care enough about her to give her children.

Lucien slowly begins to get used to his English mouse, and it doesn't take long for him…

Something Wicked-Jo Beverley

Something Wicked Indeed.....
Set in London in the mid 1700's, Something Wicked, introduces Lady Elfled Malloren, a woman close to spinsterhood, longing for adventure, desiring purpose.  As a female, Elf is expected to run her brother's home and flit around the social circuit, none of which satisfy her desires.  When the opportunity presents itself, Elf conspires with her lifelong friend, Amanda, to attend the notorious Midsummer Night's masquerade at Vauxhall.  Thinking only of seeing 'something wicked' from under her concealing domino, Elf imagines she will escape her boring life for one evening without her protective brothers ever finding out; but when Lady Malloren overhears a treasonous conversation, her life is put in serious danger.

Fleeing her pursuers, Elf finds safety in the arms of none other than Lord Fortitude Walgrave, sworn enemy of the Malloren family.  Desperate to keep her identity hidden and escape her attackers, she must play a dange…

The Eagle and The Dove-Jane Feather

We Do Love Those Sheiks
This time we go old school romance with Jane Feather's 1991 romance novel, The Eagle and The Dove.  This is the story of Abul, Lord Hassan, the caliph of Grenada in 1492, and a Christian girl name Sarita, who is a gypsy living in Spain.  Abul has a main wife and four other wives, who all come along with children, but when he sees Sarita on a mountain road in Spain outside her camp, he is struck by her beauty and strength.  Even before she speaks to him, he is mesmerized by her and must have her.  When her gypsy lover is killed by her group's leader, Tariq, who plans to force Sarita to marry him, she flees her camp and is picked up on the road to Cordova by Abul and his guards.  He takes her back to his land and instead of imprisoning her, as Sarita thinks he will, he provides her a home in a tower and handmaidens to see to her wishes. She will not be held against her will, and despite the fact that he promises never to force himself on her,…