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Love and Respect For A Lifetime-Dr. Emerson Eggerichs

Love And Respect For A Lifetime, Dr. Emerson Eggerichs' newly published book on marriage offers little more than the redundant restating of the Golden Rule.  While admittedly wise phrases and tidbits grace the pages of Eggerichs' book, it does not offer couples any real advice on how to deal with issues it recognizes as areas of conflict in marriage such as money, child rearing, sex, or communication.

Eggerichs' book also suffers from what I refer to as ADHD publishing.  Many of the 153 pages have only one sentence centered on an otherwise empty space, reminding this avid reader of a child's book.  Boasting more than thirty years of counseling and research, Eggerichs states in his introduction, "Using these powerful tools, you can save a struggling marriage from the divorce court or a 'ho-hum' marriage from boredom and concealed bitterness."   Unfortunately, no tools are discovered in the six separate sections of the book beyond vague st…

Master-Colette Gale

Revenge Is A Dish Best Served Cold--With A Side Of Kinky Sex
Master is Colette Gale's erotic retelling of the Count of Monte Cristo. The original idea of the story, the revenge Edmond Dantes carries out on the men who falsely imprisoned him for years, and the characters are kept in this retelling (including the many disguises Edmond wears after he leaves prison), but those are really all that are similar to Alexandre Dumas' original story. What Gale adds to his tale is a whole lot of erotic sex and a happy ending.

Gale's story isn't a bad one, and this piece of erotica is far better than the last one we read by this author, Bound By Honor, the erotic retelling of Robin Hood's story.  Master doesn't go off the rails into a vortex of freaky perversion like Bound did, although there are some wild parts in this one too.  The scene in which Dantes, disguised as Sinbad the Sailor, and Mercedes, his love he lost when he was imprisoned, watch two servants of hi…

The Cobra and The Concubine-Bonnie Vanak

Vanak sets sail on a fabulous adventure  in & of the Near East only to drift back into all too familiar waters.
Badra had been sold into slavery by her parents when she was very young.  Now, years later, she is a young woman living a nightmare.  When the Khamsin tribe attacks the Al-Hajid tribe, Farrah, another unfortunate girl, acts immediately and takes Badra with her to escape Sheikh Fareeq and his clan.  Fareeq realizes the girls are gone, and Farrah knows that their only hope of escape is to turn themselves over to the Khamsin, the opposing Egyptian tribe and ask their leader, Jabari, for protection, which he offers.  Farrah becomes one of the women in Jabari's harem, but Badra, young and traumatized is shown compassion by Sheikh Jabari and put under the care of a most trusted brother within the tribe, Kephri, the blue eyed Falcon Warrior, who is also known as the Cobra.  Kephri vows to protect Badra from all harm, even from himself, and therefore swears an oa…

The Trouble With Boys- Peg Tyre

A Surprising Report Card On Our Sons, Their Problems at School, and What Parents and Educators Must Do.
Peg Tyre, a former staff writer for Newsweek magazine who covered social trends and education, has come to understand after much research and countless interviews with boys, parents of boys, teachers, and experts that boys are falling behind academically at an alarming rate.  Tyre's research reveals that boys are expelled from preschool nearly five times more often than girls.  The elementary years leave boys diagnosed as having attention problems and learning disorders four times as often as girls.  Boys are twice as likely to be held back, too.  Our boys are seriously behind girls in reading and writing, and falling further behind each year.  The cheer rises for our achieving girls, but what about our boys?

From the preschool years onward, Tyre chronologically examines the issues parents of boys face (or will face), from misinformed individuals who claim boys are d…

Lover Unbound-J.R. Ward

Vampire Dom Morphs Into Vampire Teddy Bear In Love
Lover Unbound is the fifth book in the Black Dagger Brotherhood series by J.R. Ward and this time the Brother involved is Vishous. V, as he's called, has some serious issues.  He was abused as a young boy, cursed by his mother with a hand that can kill people, in addition to his raping and killing other young boys in his father's war camp.  Oh, and his father is named the Bloodletter, and he had Vishous partially castrated while he was in his care.  This guy has had a bad life. Fast forward to adulthood, V is in his early 30s and is in the Brotherhood, where at least he can put some of his rage to good use killing Lessers. When he's not enjoying himself that way, V likes to have sex in which he dominates his anonymous partner, and when I say dominate, I mean candle wax, metal clips, masks, ball gags, and whips.  The Brother likes to get his freak on.

He's shot in the chest one night as he's trolling for …