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Pride And Prejudice, Jane Austen

A Timeless Classic...

For anyone who has never read Pride And Prejudice, this Broad would urge you to crack the cover! If you enjoy a smart romance, sharp wit, and the humor of peering into the character flaws of those about you, you won't be disappointed. Austen wrote my favorite heroine of all time within the pages of this novel. Elizabeth Bennet absolutely steals the show!

The Bennet sisters, under the hand of an often dramatic and obnoxiously silly mother and a father, who abounds with dry humor but mostly abdicates his role, face life, society, and courtship in the English countryside. This is no easy task, for the young women have no considerable wealth or lofty position to aid them in a time when that was quite important.

Pride And Prejudice chronicles the romantic fiascoes of the Bennet girls. Jane, the eldest sister, wins the love of the young and well-to-do Mr. Bingley, although certainly not without trial and tribulation. But jealousy and interference leave her happiness in serious doubt. Lydia, the middle child, selfish and flighty, refuses to comply with propriety, and her actions threaten the chances of all the sisters. The two youngest, Mary and Kitty, while affected by the goings-on, don't figure as prominently in the story. This leaves Elizabeth, the novel's main female character, to entertain with her bold wit and keen observations during her own adventures in life and love.

When Elizabeth Bennet first encounters Mr. Darcy, she at once understands him to be prideful and ill-mannered, founding her long lasting prejudice. Adding to her less than friendly impressions are the accusations against Mr. Darcy by the family's newest acquaintance, Mr. Wickham. Circumstances, however, continue to throw the two together, and the time spent coming to know Elizabeth begins to alter Mr. Darcy's opinions. His change in behavior leaves much to be desired, and it isn't until after Elizabeth's scathing face-to-face assessment of Mr. Darcy's character flaws that he confronts his pride whole-heartedly, and Elizabeth faces her prejudice.

Strength of character, probing dialogue, and honest reflection turn their opinions of one another into something altogether different as Elizabeth and Darcy, each in their own way, dare to break with convention and hope in love.

After reading Austen's original again, I am more than eager to dive into the first sequel on my list! Reading the varied takes on what the Darcy's love affair may have looked like once they married intrigues me to no end.



  1. It is high time for me to read this. I have seen and enjoyed several film/TV adaptations, but never read the book. Great review!

  2. This is my favorite book. I'm glad that you enjoyed it.

  3. Thanks!
    Pepca ~ I hope you finally give Pride & Prejudice a try. I absolutely love this book!

    Mbreakfield ~ What can I add to your comment? It says it nicely. Thanks for stopping by.

    Have you read any of the sequels? I am looking for suggestions.

  4. I defy anyone to read p&p and not fall in love. I reread it at least once a year.

  5. I purchased this book a while back- but i still haven't read it! I need to move it up on my TBR list- from your review it is a must read! Thanks!

  6. Listen to Willy...She's in the know! Fairday, I think you'll love it! ~ Moira


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