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Brazen Review: Fifty Shades Of Gary The Vampire: Anais's Sin

Fifty Shades of Gary the Vampire: Anais's Sin

Fifty Shades Of Gary The Vampire: Anais's Sin, Sabrina Swan

With all the hype buzzing 'round over Fifty Shades of Grey, I thought I'd feature an alternative - an hysterical alternative. 

Anais has been a naughty, naughty girl and continued on a naughty woman.  With her life in shambles due to her string of poor choices, she thinks suicide is her best option.  Enter Gary The Vampire - a savior of sorts.  The whole premise is too rich!

Gary introduces himself, shades (and by shades I mean sunglasses - Ha! - Again, it's just too hilarious) and all, and Anais is drawn in quick, fast, and in a hurry.  She's desperate for love - even if it means sharing her blood with a hungry vampire.

But Gary is on a mission, more than one in fact.  For starters, he's going to teach Anais some discipline and reform this bad girl's wretched manners.  She won't like it - yet she will, and will be all too happy to thank him in the end.  It's his gift to her, in a way.
Gary The Vampire is much more than a dominant reformer, he's on a search for his eternal mate.  Anais is just one of his candidates!  Oh My!

I enjoyed this short comical romp of satire and silliness a great deal.  Sabrina Swan wrote a laugh out loud novella, mixing in humor with a dab of learning for our heroine to accept responsibility and change her destructive and unacceptable behavior.  This author also added a few tender moments and a dash of delicious danger.  Well done, Miss Swan!

This is by no means a story for young readers.  Explicit themes run throughout - best left in the hands of mature Broads able to appreciate such nonsense.  Anais is likable, but underdeveloped.  The character grows under Gary's tutelage but still, there could have been much better character development.  No deal breaker, but needing a mention. 

Anais's Sin is the first of our adventures with Gary The Vampire, and I will gladly read his next!  He's a quirky character.  If the few editing issues are handled, this Broad will likely follow Gary until he at long last finds his eternal mate - and vanquishes his arch-frenemy, that rotten Marquis!

I'll give 3.5 stars, but would have given 4 if not for editing issues.  All in all, a daring, fast paced read with a quirky, spanky-fingered vampire of a rare sort.  Able to be enjoyed in an evening, it's worth the time if you like a naughty laugh. 

Overall Rating:

♣ ♣ ♣ 1/2   



  1. This book sounds like a total blast! :)

  2. Ha ha, this sounds like a hoot.

  3. Sounds funny! What a twist! :)

  4. Oh that sounds like fun, and the editing issues can't be much worse the the actual Fifty Shades. :)

  5. Ha! This was a fun escape from all things 'Seriously-Fifty'. :}


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