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05 January 2012

In Bed With A Highlander, Maya Banks

Maya Banks Delivers With Her Fantastic Highlander & Heroine...

Mairin Stuart, young secluded, and aware of her destiny prays she can remain hidden with the Sisters long enough for an honest man to find her.  Born on the wrong side of the blanket to the Scottish king, Mairin Stuart could not be acknowledged as the princess she was born to be, but her first born child will receive vast land holdings, making Mairin a coveted commodity to the king's enemies.

When Laird Cameron's men unearth her hiding place, Mairin is faced with terrifying experiences.  With the help of a few kind souls, her quick wits, and Providence, she finds herself in the hands of Laird Ewan McCabe, and Mairin must trust this laird with her life and heart if she is to escape Laird Cameron.

In Bed With A Highlander is the first in the McCabe trilogy - and the first novel I've read by Maya Banks.  Very well written, Banks crafts vivid settings without boring readers to tears, writes intelligent and well-spoken characters, and presents a fantastic storyline.  Just enough drama kept me turning pages - intent on finding out where Banks would take Mairin and Ewan next.

The romance between Mairin and Ewan was expertly written, leaving a Broad breathless!  Banks developed a bona-fide relationship between her hero and heroine - allowing time for trust and mutual respect to sprout before they declare their undying love/obsession.  Thank-you, Maya.

Another selling point is the fantastic dialogue amongst the characters.  I found myself re-reading a few key exchanges written into the story because I enjoyed them so much.  Banks also earns five-stars for the sizzling heat in her romance, wow-ing this Broad.  I have no complaints about this well-written Highlander novel and will read the next in the series.
***Moira Naveen***

Overall rating - 5/5 stars
Storyline - 5/5
Hero - 5/5
Heroine - 5/5
Romance Heat - 5/5
Setting - 4/5

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