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30 August 2011

The Broads' Cheers & Jeers

Here we are again! This week, we (Mina & Moira) have scrounged up two more covers to inspect. We'll dive right in with what our Google search produced. Do you have a favorite cover you'd love for the Broads to showcase? Have you come across a wretched cover that makes you wonder how it ever got selected to grace a book? We want to know!

The Broads Are Dishing Up A New Batch Of Cover Cheers & Jeers ...

What do you say? Love it? Or Hate it?

Give us a shout out with your cover love!

First, let's take a look at this interesting specimen that we pulled from the internet.....

Mina ~
This just in! Half naked mer-fellow with festering head wound rescues maiden from slight snow storm and takes her to his enchanted garden inhabited by creepy faery children. could happen.

The title of this book is flirting dangerously with being an oxymoron. But I love the hair ornament, though. No, really. The sea shell- snake rattle- fleur de lis combo really works for you. (How is that sticking there anyway?) But seriously, you look totally manly. Look, I'm swooning. Can you use a sword effectively under water? Maybe you should cut that thing off your head before it sucks out all your brains. Not just the part that controls your choice in women. It's just an idea.

You're lady love seems to need some help deciding on which season she should dress for. A sleeveless feather cape, that's what you want to go with huh? I suppose it must be a bit chilly on her half of the cover. That explains the garden only existing on his side. I do like the Eye of Sauron necklace, however. Nice touch.

Moira ~ Heh, heh...Does he have a starfish on his head? Is that an octopus? It's not a good look for him, whatever it is. Seriously, even with my glasses, I'd swear this guy has a sea creature hanging out on the side of his head!?

"Jumpin' Jolly Roger! I seem to have a crustacean on me head! Well, Davy Jones' Locker, Woman! Don't just stand there staring at me! I can't possibly get married with a squid on me brow! Let me get me land legs back first, ya lusty wench!"

"But Beaureguard, I'm wearin' my fur-trimmed hood! It simply has to be a special occasion for me to be wearin' my fur trimmed hood!"

There's a lot going on here... I'm pretty sure I see butterflies, too. And does anyone else find it odd that she seems to be dressed for weather that may or may not include snow, yet he seems to be attired for ...insert place here _____ that does not require clothing.

Now let's look at something much nicer...

Mina ~
Now this is much better! The cream colors used give this a warm, intimate feeling. The author's name is a bit bold and red. I suppose we can overlook that for now. The open position our heroine has put herself in, is quite tantalizing. She knows she is about to ravished and is eagerly awaiting ruination! And our hero, with his shirt half open, and his boots still on he paints a dashing figure. This broad would love to say "Sir, you have the advantage of me!" and let him have it!

Moira ~ Now this is a much more romantic cover! Our heroine is in a very vulnerable position - I love the arc of her neckline - while our hero is in a dominant one. (Ummmm, yeah, that's nice ladies, isn't it?) I like the sweetness of this cover, too. The abundance of white gives an innocence to the couple, even though this hero looks 'less-than-innocent' - if you know what I mean. This cover is nicely done. Nothing too dramatic, but it clearly portrays romance. I do think that the author's name kind of imposes on the rest of the cover, though. It's a bit 'over-stated'. Other than that, this cover gets a Cheers! from this Broad.

24 August 2011

Pride And Prejudice, Jane Austen

A Timeless Classic...

For anyone who has never read Pride And Prejudice, this Broad would urge you to crack the cover! If you enjoy a smart romance, sharp wit, and the humor of peering into the character flaws of those about you, you won't be disappointed. Austen wrote my favorite heroine of all time within the pages of this novel. Elizabeth Bennet absolutely steals the show!

The Bennet sisters, under the hand of an often dramatic and obnoxiously silly mother and a father, who abounds with dry humor but mostly abdicates his role, face life, society, and courtship in the English countryside. This is no easy task, for the young women have no considerable wealth or lofty position to aid them in a time when that was quite important.

Pride And Prejudice chronicles the romantic fiascoes of the Bennet girls. Jane, the eldest sister, wins the love of the young and well-to-do Mr. Bingley, although certainly not without trial and tribulation. But jealousy and interference leave her happiness in serious doubt. Lydia, the middle child, selfish and flighty, refuses to comply with propriety, and her actions threaten the chances of all the sisters. The two youngest, Mary and Kitty, while affected by the goings-on, don't figure as prominently in the story. This leaves Elizabeth, the novel's main female character, to entertain with her bold wit and keen observations during her own adventures in life and love.

When Elizabeth Bennet first encounters Mr. Darcy, she at once understands him to be prideful and ill-mannered, founding her long lasting prejudice. Adding to her less than friendly impressions are the accusations against Mr. Darcy by the family's newest acquaintance, Mr. Wickham. Circumstances, however, continue to throw the two together, and the time spent coming to know Elizabeth begins to alter Mr. Darcy's opinions. His change in behavior leaves much to be desired, and it isn't until after Elizabeth's scathing face-to-face assessment of Mr. Darcy's character flaws that he confronts his pride whole-heartedly, and Elizabeth faces her prejudice.

Strength of character, probing dialogue, and honest reflection turn their opinions of one another into something altogether different as Elizabeth and Darcy, each in their own way, dare to break with convention and hope in love.

After reading Austen's original again, I am more than eager to dive into the first sequel on my list! Reading the varied takes on what the Darcy's love affair may have looked like once they married intrigues me to no end.


17 August 2011

Nobody panic! They know I'm loose...

Panic Room...Welcome Mina Naveen!

Okay, truthfully, it took me forever to try and think up a good beginning for my first post. I wanted to say something really pithy and fascinating, drawing you to me like that piper guy with the rats. Except I wouldn't want you to be rats, because that's gross and really unsanitary in large groups. But butterflies, or cookies, would be nice.

Anywho, once I had your attention I'd hit you with the one-two punch of my sarcastic and rapier like wit, leaving you stunned and totally under my spell. Fortunately for you, that isn't what happened. SIGH. Apparently I shall have to woo you to minion-hood. So be it.

The real reason I'm here is, in what was a completely sane (if somewhat dubious) decision on her part, my sister Moira has asked me to join the broads! I know, right! I seriously don't know what she was thinking.

My name is Mina Naveen, and I'll be the comedic and slightly not grown up one. I try to avoid books, movies and other activities that are tedious, boring and warranting of a notepad and slide rule to keep everything straight. I like things that are funny, that explode, are hot (accents and uniforms are bonus points!), and permanent press. I don't iron. I drink more coffee than the surgeon general recommends, and when I grow up I want to rule the world. I'm pretty sure it was my job in a past life. Oh, and I sing. Constantly.

Moira and I have a lot of the same tastes in books (and life goals). I have to say, however, that I do not plan on picking up Tolstoy anytime soon. I have nothing against it; I just want to be entertained. I have also never read Pride and Prejudice. Yes, thank you very much, I did just hear your gasp of womanly horror. I like to sit down with an uncomplicated book that makes me forget that the floor needs mopped and the kids are trying to bludgeon each other. Just a note for all of you with young, squabbling children - it doesn't get better. At 15, 13 and 12, I still have to hide the sharp objects and carry a whip and chair. But I digress.

My aim is to post some reviews and such soon. Hopefully, they they won't take as long as this to write! Type to you soon!


11 August 2011

A New Brazen Chapter......

Some Fun Changes And Maybe Some New Broads.......

Hi all! Hope everyone's having a great week!

I've got some fun ideas for the blog, and I hope to be posting them soon. Of course, it's sad to say goodbye to Alexandria, but life has a way of changing on us, sometimes unexpectedly. We live our lives in chapters, and for Alexandria, a busy chapter is upon her. Best wishes.

Of course, I'll still be reading and writing reviews. It's what this Broad does. But I'm hoping to add a few new Broads - the brazen sort - to the line-up. In the meantime, I'm planning a little project! One of my favorite books is Pride And Prejudice, by Jane Austen, and I've read it countless times. It's a favorite for many, the proof of which is evident in the many sequels this classic has inspired. In honor of that, I'm going on a Pride & Prejudice marathon...............

I'll read the original - again - and post a review. Then, I'll begin reading and posting on the spin-off novels. There are so many, there's no end to the possibilities!

What's your favorite Pride and Prejudice spin-off novel? Let me know by commenting! I'll add it to the queue.

Happy Reading! ~ Moira Naveen

08 August 2011


Alexandria here--this is my last post at the Brazen Broads.  Life outside the blog has become just too hectic for me to continue, as much as I wish I could.  A little over a year ago, Moira and I began this blog because we love books and love talking about them.  However, in the past few months, life has just gotten too busy for me to continue, and I think the blog deserves better than I can give right now. 

Moira will be continuing with the blog, so keep checking back for more great reviews of books she's read, and when she brings another broad on board, I know readers will be as great to her as they have been to me.

So goodbye to those of you who have visited us in the past year.  It was great sharing my ideas about books with you.



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