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A Round Of Words In 80 Days...We're Game!

Here's A Group For Writers Of All Varieties...
Click the link to find out what creator Kait Nolan has to say about her wildly popular and growing writing challenge that knows you have a life!

What Is ROW80?

In short, it's a place to set flexible writing related goals in which you can glean encouragement from fellow writers/bloggers/reviewers and benefit from accountability.  (Complete instructions/rules/guidelines below)

Here's what Mina and I would like to accomplish during Round 4:

*  We will check in at least once a week, offering a post that deals with some aspect of writing.  It may be a writer we'd like to showcase, a poem we've found or written ourselves, or our own quirky commentary on some shiny bauble/idea/thought/fashion/recipe/book/author that's caught our eye or attention. 

*  Both Moira and Mina will visit around and visit at least 5 blogs per week - that's 10 in all.  We may complete this for each check-in...but we like to maintain a bit of mystery!

*  Mina and I would like to develop some posting categories (I reference my sister's idea of a food related post-topic we'll call 'Braised Broads' that not the greatest?!) to organize our blog and add interest.  Eventually, we may incorporate a loose posting schedule.

*  Both Broads will post at least one book review per month.

*  The Brazen Broads would like to feature one author per month.  We're considering calling this 'Coffee-Talk' and hosting authors with new releases (both traditional and indie), spreading book love across the web!  Contact the Broads - Moira & Mina Naveen

That about sums up what we're working on!   Get the welcome wagon ready; the Broads are joining in the fun...


  1. Welcome to ROW80, Moira and Mina! Love the site the goals and the great writing voice. I think you find the ROW80 crew to be fun and supportive overall. Have a great coming :)

  2. Not sure what happened there but it lost part of the wording. Some of us WordPress types have had issues commenting on Blogger sites recently. Hoping they get that fixed soon.

    Have a great coming week :)

  3. Thanks so much for stopping by! We're really excited to get this started!
    We were having issues just last night trying to get everything to fit right. Thankfully we managed before a screen ended up with a boot in it.
    I dunno, the first comment made me smile. If they would all mess up ;)

  4. Welcome to ROW80, and may your adventure be a fruitful one. Sounds like you have some big (and good) plans. Best of luck.

  5. Welcome aboard! And as for 'Braised Broads'...Ha! Too funny.

  6. Madams Brazen (or is that Madams Broads?) LOL
    Wonderful goals. Look forward to reading the writing posts and reviews.
    ~Kate -

  7. Oh, very cool blog name!

    And I like your goals too, focused on blogging and reviews -- something we can enjoy right away. I'm thinking of making blog and guest posting a part of a future challenge, too.

  8. Welcome to Row80! It's a great group of supporters and a good way to achieve realistic goals. Good luck!

  9. Thanks for the great welcome, everyone! We'll be visiting around in the next few days - and conjuring up some great posts for the upcoming hope ;]

  10. Love the name and best of luck with your book blog! Sounds like a fun project. :)

  11. Thanks, Ruth. I visited your blogpage, and I will be looking for Yseult. That's a long book, woman!

  12. Welcome to Row80. Glad you two decided to join in. Love your website. Braised Broad is very cute. BethFishReads hosts a weekend cooking link up that you might be interested in checking out. Have a great week. Will be following your progress.

  13. That's great! Thanks for stopping by!


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