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11 October 2011

Random thoughts and New ideas

Did you ever start to do something and then get distracted by something else?  I just had one of those moments.  I had an idea of how I wanted to start this post when I looked down and realized my keyboard is quite. . .um. . .icky? 

Anyhoo, We're doing some tweaking here at the broads, as you've probably noticed.  A little diddling with the background and fonts and such.  Any feed back would be wildly appreciated by the way.  You know, colors and setup, ease of use, and is the font easy to read.  That sort of thing.

We are also going to be tweaking our postings a bit.  Adding some new things and whatnot.  Don't worry, we're still all about the book reviews!  We have thought of adding a recipe post, which should be yummy.  Possibly called "Braised Broads"? 
Get it?  Ha!  Seeing as I really only use most recipes(excluding baking) as a loose guideline, well, let's say my posts should be informative, funny and slightly confusing.  But fearest thou not!  I have not lost a kitchen yet!

We might also throw in some posts about movies and what's on the boob tube.  We'll need a name for it, maybe "Things I've seen".  I'm sure we can come up with something much more witty sounding.  It'll basically be Moira and I sounding off about, well, things we seen.  Movies, both old and new, that we may or may not have enjoyed.  T.V. shows will get thrown in too.  I must warn you I have a penchant for B movies and nerd shows. 

As always, we love when you stop by and want you to be glad you came.  If you have any suggestions to throw our way feel free, we usually do.  For now, I'm off to clean the icky from my keyboard!



  1. I haven't been here for a while, as I usually read your post on Google reader. That's a huge change! I like it, it looks very fresh and girly.

  2. Thanks, Pepca! It was time to brighten up the joint - although my sister, Mina, may have an entirely different theme up by tonight! Or maybe we'll just switch things up every few months. We never know just what we'll take a notion to do! Glad to see you.

  3. love the updates~ keep em coming baby! :)


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