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13 July 2011

Stolen Destiny, Gabrielle Bisset

Stolen DestinyTime can be a friend, or an enemy........

  Sentenced to spend three lifetimes in Nil, the hellish prison of the Aeveren race, Varek Leale accepts his punishment, reliving the night he murdered his first destined one in a crime of passion after finding her in bed with another man, knowing he deserves the torturous existence he now lives.  But destiny has other plans for him. 
Summoned by the Council, Varek learns that he is to be released, for a price.  He must track down a serial killer who is murdering innocent Aeveren families. 

With little more than the clothes on his back, he is transported to the town of New Hope, the scene of the latest murders.  Drawing on his past law enforcement background, Varek trails the killer, and the case leads him to the New Hope Orphanage, a home for Aeveren children.  As soon as he meets Callia Reynolds, his Aeveren biology reveals the impossible and unwanted.  She is now his destined one.  

Certain that his crime and his years in Nil have left him unworthy and unable to love, Varek attempts to deny the truth.  But destiny refuses to be ignored.  As time runs out, and as his heart learns to love again, Varek realizes that he needs help if he is to earn his freedom and claim the love he dares to want.  To accomplish his task, he seeks out the ancient and powerful tempuster, Amon Kalins.  The rogue Aeveren agrees to aid the couple, but he's got his own hidden agenda.  He desires Callia for himself.  And once the killer is disposed of, Amon travels back in time to woo and win Callia's heart before she ever lays eyes on Varek. 

Desperate to find Callia and embrace life anew with the woman destined for him, Varek agrees to the impossible demands of the Council -  Find and capture Amon Kalins.  As Varek travels through time to right the wrong done, he must face his inner demons, for Amon has claimed Callia's unknowing heart. 

Stolen Destiny, by Gabrielle Bisset is a fresh idea in paranormal romance.  The Aeveren species she writes into her novel is well explained, and while Bisset employs the popular and time tested use of the pull of destined mates, she also gives her characters something lacking in many paranormal novels - free will.  The characters come together not merely because of predetermination, but because they choose to learn to love. 

Callia, the heroine, is a new favorite.  She's smart, confident, and not afraid to go after what she wants.  Even more delightful was the fact that Bisset crafted a female character brazenly willing to use the feminine wiles in her arsenal to encourage her intended to the acceptance of his heart's desire.  That being said, the character I fell in love with in Bisset's novel is the 'oh so naughty' Amon.  I have a bit of a thing for bad boys, and Amon is certainly that.  Unrepentant and unabashedly manipulative, Amon is a smooth operator, and even though I cheered Varek on in his quest to regain the love of his life, I can't deny that a small (okay, maybe more than a small) part of me wanted to see Amon come out on top.  

Smart and sexy, Stolen Destiny.....steals a great rating!



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  1. Thank you for the lovely review! You're wonderful, and I love your blog's style. Quite brazen! :)


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