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29 July 2011

Broads Undercover #2

It's Time Once Again For...Broads Undercover!

The Brazen Broads are dishing up two new covers in our 'Cheers & Jeers' adventurers this week, and my, oh my, have we got a few things to say about these selections.  Weigh in with your thoughts if you'd like, but only after taking at look at these.......

Where do I begin?  Oh, the agony!  The shame!  I must start off by saying that I have a problem with the type of art used on this cover for an obviously sexual situation.  It reminds me of drawings one might find on a children's book, and therefore it goes without saying (even though I'm saying it!)....No Good.  That troubling issue being dealt with, I can get on with my assessment.  The couple appears to be quite young, another problematic issue when considering that A HAND JOB is going on!  The blond - seriously has he reached puberty yet? - has a weird King Julian vibe to his posture and expression.  "Lookie what I am handling here....I am reaching for it.....reaching for it.....Why are you looking at me?  Can you not see that I am being very busy.  Look away!  Or I will curse you!  I seem to have lost my ipod, perhaps I will be finding it in your pants my tall, girlish, man/boy reluctant companion.  Pay no attention to my groping of your semi-flacid staff....My, my it does lay nicely to the right....Oh!.I hope my highlights are gleaming in just the right light as I fondle my indifferent friend while striking this gorgeous pose...."  The poor dark haired fellow stands there, not actively participating in this debacle, but not fleeing either.  He looks perfectly blase about the entire experience.  His shoulders are slightly slumped as he peers off into the nothingness of adolescent boredom.  "I hope my mom bought coco-puffs when she went to the store today.  Damn, she never buys the cereal I want!  It's always what my brother wants.  Mr. Football Star.  Fuck!  This weird kid is grabbing my schlong ...again.  I hope he finds his i-pod soon.  I'm sooooo done with this scene.  He said we could play PlayStation after he finds his shit."

And, I think that about sums it up for me.  Dreadful.

Alexandria: WTF?  How old are these two?  I'm good for the mano y mano action, but with kids?  This is an adult book, right?  Why are they drawn like this?  I keep asking questions because I can't come up with any answers. Why would a publisher create a book cover like this?  This is an ebook, and covers are so important in that type of book.  A cover like this will be passed over in favor of something else.  There are ways to show the eroticism of M/M relationships, but this isn't it. 

Moira:  I love the body line of the woman on this cover.  She's got a very sensual, but slight arch to her back - inviting, yet not tawdry - as she reaches back for her lover.  The dress, in an innocent baby-blue hue while fitted to accentuate womanly charms, stands out against the more neutral colors on the rest of the cover, drawing attention to her.  This man knows that a well placed hand can mean so much!  There's not much shown of him, and I think it's nicely done.  This fellow is totally absorbed in her, and he's going right for the neck -Ohh-la-la!    I also like the lighting effects in the photograph used for this cover.  There's a glow about the couple that suggests candlelight, and that's sexy.  From the cover, we can tell that this is a vampire novel, and I think this is portrayed subtly in the images.  I also like the foggy, hazy veil over the city backdrop.  As Shadows Fade earns a thumbs up!

Alexandria:  What a beautiful dress and pose with these two! This is a beautiful cover showing two people in love. There's no unseemly groping down the front of her dress, and no reach-around to cop a feel on his junk. This cover is also drawn, and notice how well done it is.  Classy is how I would call this.  And this wouldn't make my Kindle shut down in fear. 

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