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06 June 2011

Scoundrel's Honor by Rosemary Rogers

Dangerous Crime Overlord Aids A Lady In Need.................

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Dimitri Tipova, crime overlord in St. Petersburg, Russia, agrees to aid the impossible Emma Linley-Kirov in the search for her abducted younger sister for one reason - revenge against the man who fathered him and killed his mother, but the young woman enchants the dangerous scoundrel like no other has done before. 
Emma, to his chagrin, wants no part of his generous offer to become his mistress, and makes it clear that the goal of finding her sister is her priority, and Dimitri, no matter his effect on her, is merely the means to an end.  The Beggar Czar seduces her body, but is unable to claim her trust, leaving the door wide open for another to attempt to do just that.

Rosemary Rogers has been writing romance novels for a long time and Scoundrel's Honor is one her her latest, published in 2010.  Her first, Sweet Savage Love is on this Broad's TBR pile.  Rogers created a wonderful storyline in Scoundrel's Honor, and I quite enjoyed her delicious criminal underworld hero, Dimitri, until the end of the book anyway.  He became too good, too tame for me.  Emma Linley-Kirov, however was for me, a disappointment.  Written as a simple girl from the countryside skirting St. Petersburg, Emma was just too bold, too reckless, and too lucky for her to be believable, as her given personality was reserved and very conservative.  The two halves of this lady just didn't mesh well within the story.

One highlight of this novel is Rogers' character, Rajih, a caliph of his people in Egypt.  He remained a mystery, leaving the reader to guess if he was friend or foe to nearly the end of the novel while coming across as dark and seductive throughout to this Broad's delight.  I'd like to read a story about him..........But I digress.

Scoundrel's Honor, by Rosemary Rogers is a well written novel, rich in description and emotion, and I enjoyed it despite the annoying Emma Linley-Kirov.  Read it to experience romance, Rosemary Rogers style.


~ Moira

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