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New Meme: Broads Under Cover

Welcome to our new theme ~ Broads Undercover........

 We Broads have been seeing some very interesting covers lately, and we wanted to showcase them. Some are really good, and we think they deserve not only praise but congratulations for great artistry. Then again, some are really bad, and there's just no way they shouldn't be called out for what they are. Our posts on these covers have nothing to do with the author's writing. These are just observations on book covers, no more and no less. And most of all, these are our opinions. You may agree or disagree, but we welcome your comments.

We begin our journey into the world of covers with a good one.  Always start with the positive, right?  This cover is from a Carina Press book titled Lessons In Indiscretion by Karen Erickson. 

Alexandria:  I like this cover a lot!  It's sexy without being lurid.  And hello?  That man's body makes me want to be the pupil who learns all about his lessons.  And there is a woman in the picture too, I realize, but let's be honest.  That body is the draw.  They didn't even include his whole head!  I'm ok with that, though. 

And at no point does the viewer get the sense that these two wouldn't make a fantastic couple as they explore those indiscretions.  That's important.  Trust me.  You'll see. 

In addition, the font is appealing, and the colors used throughout the image work well.  I don't read books because of covers, but this one wouldn't make me run from the room screaming.  I say this one gets a big thumbs up from me. 

Moira:   Alexandria, I like this cover as well!  As you point out, the font for the title and author's name is nice.  It stands out strongly against the picture, but still maintains a hint of femininity with the added curves of the lettering.  I like that. 

This masculine chest bares just enough to be tantalizing without being over the top.  I'm also okay with the fact that the man's face is partially cut out of the photo.  In fact, I wouldn't mind if only the jawline showed.  Thin lips just don't do much for this Broad.  But what makes this couple a winner in the contest for great  covers is the body language!  He's leaning back into her touch, and notice how his hand is grasping the thigh she is wrapping around him.  Delish......  I  like that the woman's body is somewhat obscured by his presence.  It hints at protectiveness, a quality that I think is a bit difficult to translate into a cover like this one because she is also actively participating in love play. 

With the sharper image of the great looking and well posed couple in the fore and the slight blurring of the background, this cover gets a big thumbs up.                                  

And now we move to the not so good one.  This cover is from a Siren Publishing book titled Elementum by Toni L. Meilleur. 

Alexandria:  Let me begin by saying I like the font for the title.  It's attractive.  I have no idea if it's appropriate for the story, but I like it.  That said, holy hell, what the hell is going on with this cover?  First, are these human models or some facsilime thereof?  And what is the look he's giving her?  To me, it says, "Back off, sweetcheeks.  You're up in my space, and I'm not digging that."  By no means is this cover sexy.  Remember what I mentioned about the two people in the first cover?  I don't believe sex between these two would be appealing.  And he has a very large barrel chest that extends far beyond what his body seems to indicate would be correct.  Unfortunately, he just isn't very appealing. 

And our fair lady?  First, I think she's descended from giraffes.  That's a serious neck she's sporting.  Other than that, she is supposed to look sexy, gazing longingly into his eyes.  How it comes off, however, is less sexy and more creepy, almost psycho. 

In addition, the items that have been photoshopped into the picture between them seem lame. I'm thinking that an old book shouldn't be so close to flame also. 

For me, this cover inhibits my interest in the story.  This is a major problem. Covers don't have to be the main selling point, but they shouldn't discourage readers.

Moira:  It's hard for me to offer more than you've already stated, Alexandria.  I concur on all the points you've made. 

Body language, people, is so important!  This couple (human or ....whatever...) absolutely does not project a sexy vibe.  As my undercover partner points out, this male's posture screams, "Awww shit!  There's no way I am getting out of this.  She's coming at me with a hint of crazy stalker in her eyes!  I don't want to do this......"  His body language actually insinuates that he is trying to back away from her.  Now this might have worked if the female wore a look of mischievousness, a glint of mockery, something other than that obsessed expression pasted on her weird face.  I could dig a Broad going after what she wants in an aggressive way, let's say maybe in an attempt to debauch a shy, backward young buck, but I don't get that sense at all from this cover. .......  And the author's name is hanging out at the top in lettering that is too plain.  An author writing erotica, as that red banner proclaims with its 'menage and more' tag, needs the publisher to put their name in a font that doesn't remind readers of the print in stereo instruction manuals. 

This cover is unappealing.  I would probably pass over the book because of it, and if you've read any of my posts before, you will know that I'm not all that influenced by covers in general when it comes to purchasing.  Less than fantastic covers don't necessarily irritate me, nor do overly plain ones.  This example, however, is just dreadful.  The story within may be fantastic, but this Broad will probably never find out, because crazy stalker woman and unattractive, reluctant man are too easy to set back on the shelf. 


  1. Completely agree that the first cover is much better than the second one, but I still am not generally fond of covers with photos of people or photorealistic images of people...that's just my own issue.

  2. Cover number one makes my tongue itch with delight. It isn't often I would like to drag sticky-lickin' food products into the bedroom, but this one has me scrambling to find the Hershey's!
    Oh number so many ways. First, our hero looks vaguely like Andre Rieu. On the violin, absolutely! In bed, not so much.
    You could say crazy eyes with our heroine. However I saw the "looking-into-space-thinking-of-something-totally-unrelated-to-the-sex-we-are-supposed-to-be-having-together" look. Which sounds a little like...
    Andre---"Oh baby you feel so... um..babe? Seriously? Are you with me here?"
    Giselle---"Let's see, I need milk, toilet paper, cat food...oh, what? I'm sorry, yeah you feel good too honey. Keep up the good work...tampons, ground beef..."
    Which, I have to say, is just as un-sexy and unappealing as "crazy stalker eyes" if not more humorous.

  3. I agree... He kind of looks sick! LOL
    I'm your newest follower!

    If paranormal romance interests you please check out my friend @


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