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Ravished By A Highlander, Paula Quinn

A New Favorite Highlander For This Broad?.......

Product DetailsThe secrets surrounding Lady Davina Montgomery are dangerous enough to start wars and topple thrones.  Only a handful of players know that she lives, and she has been raised and educated secretly in a secluded Scottish convent in the event her existence may one day be vital to Catholicism's hold on the English throne.  But secrets are often found out, and the young lady's life is in constant grave danger. 

When Robert MacGregor, the first born son of a powerful highland laird happens upon the devastating attack on St. Christopher's Abbey, he rescues what appears to be the sole surviving novice of the order.  As Davina's secrets are slowly revealed and attempts on her life press from an unseen hand, Robert realizes that the only safe place for the bewitching lady is his home tucked away in the mysterious highlands, and within his arms.  Risking war for his clansmen and the threat of treason from the crown, Robert defies every power aligned against him for the enchanting woman who has captured his heart. 

Davina has many enemies and her mind has been ingrained to trust no one, but her heart begins to hope that this wild, highland warrior may be the answer to her many prayers and the one man she can entrust with her secrets, and her life. 

Ravished By A Highlander may well contain my favorite highlander to date in Robert MacGregor.  Tall, brawny, and powerful, Quinn's Scottish warrior oozes sultry sex appeal on every page.  She writes a thoughtful, intelligent man seamlessly within a dangerous death dealer, and the author boldly included a scene backing up the claim that the brutal highlander is the protector he declares himself to be.

I want one.  Truly I do.

I must commend Quinn's better than average dialogue in the novel.  The exchanges between her characters on a number of occasions stand out as superior, exposing emotion not in long description, but in well chosen words.  This Broad freely admits to having more than just a 'wee-bit' of a thing for a strapping highlander, so the accent written into the MacGregor's dialogue made him more delicious for me, but may not work for all readers.....It is called Ravished By A Highlander, so expect...well, a highlander.  But don't expect Quinn's novel to be short on story.  The storyline is intricate and involved.  It held my attention throughout.  The able use of intrigue and conjecture kept even this sharp Broad on her toes in the search for friend or foe. 

When the romance finally begins, (it does take awhile) it is scorching in intensity.  I'll credit the success with the fact that not only is the hero sensual and sexy, he 'mans-up' when faced with an impossible situation even when it is sure to cost him dearly.  In addition, Davina doesn't do all those crazy, stupid things that heroines often do.  She thinks them, that's it.  A Broad can relate to that......

With 337 pages devoured in one night, it's official.  Paula Quinn's Ravished By A Highlander is a new favorite.
~ Moira


  1. This sounds like a well-written mix of romance and intrigue, just my cup of cake. Will have to try it. Great review!


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