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20 May 2012

Brazen Review: Love Finds You In North Pole, Alaska, Loree Lough

Instead of a regular blurb, I thought I'd share this neat book trailer I discovered.  Enjoy!

My thoughts: 

The Love Finds You series boasts an impressive number of stories set across the United States.  Loree Lough's is the only in the series I've sampled, and it was a pleasant read.
Bryce, as a hero, was far less Alpha than I prefer, a sentiment shared by the friend who recommended this novella.  But overall, he was likable.  Lough did a fair job at best of creating a back story to - er, well...back up her hero's reluctance for romance, but aside from disappointment, he suffered no betrayal - no shock worthy to cause a man to swear off women!  It was a weakness this Broad noted in the storyline; luckily, Lough's sweet romance made up for it in other areas.

The town of North Pole was well described without going overboard.  I loved being able to picture the Christmas decorations adorning each business and setting as well as the accurate description of average Alaskan homes - tiny yet cozy. 

Sam, the female protagonist balanced spunk and softness, making me hope with all my heart she'd get the guy.  Samantha and Bryce's romance developed slowly; be prepared for a chaste love story.  If you, like me, are used to a racier sort of romance - don't worry.  The characters are so lovable - especially Sam - you'll most likely enjoy this quick little story.

While I enjoyed Love Finds You In North Pole, Alaska, I probably won't seek another in the series, the main reason being I normally gravitate toward much longer, more involved reads; the second being that the Kindle formatting was awful - Summerside Press owes their author an apology. 

Overall Story -    ♣♣♣

 - Moíra ♣


  1. Sounds like a nice story and I love the cover.

  2. It really was a nice story, Emma. I enjoyed it - finished it in one sitting, too! That's always nice to be able to polish off a story start to finish in one sitting. :}

  3. It's nice you gave the story a try. Always good to try something a little different. Too bad there were a few thing here and there that didn't make it a better read for you. That formatting bit? All I can do is shake my head.

    1. I hear you, Angela. I actually felt bad for the author. You'd think a publishing house would take great care with their Kindle formating. My Kindle gets quite a workout, and I'll tell you, I'm finding that Indie authors are putting out better formatted books than some of these publishing houses.(Not that I haven't encountered a poorly self-pubbed novel, bacause I have.) In the end, Loree Lough's name will suffer, not the publisher (at least not as much I think).


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