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Lust-Charlotte Featherstone

Rarely do I read historical romance/erotica and say, "Wow!  That was fantastic!"  But I said it after finishing Charlotte Featherstone's new book in her Sins and Virtues series, Lust.  I love this book!  I love the idea behind it.  I love the way she portrays the characters.  I love the way Featherstone writes a sex scene.  If you like erotic historical romances, Lust is the book for you. 

The story involves the idea of the Seelie Fae and the Unseelie Fae and each court's desire to find the women who embody the seven virtues of chastity, temperance, charity, diligence, patience, kindness, and humility.  The Seelie Fae want them to bear their children, but the Unseelie Court needs them for something even more important:  only these women can break a curse set upon the Unseelie Fae by the queen of the Seelie Fae ages ago that condemns the princes to each suffer from one of the seven deadly sins.  If the Unseelie Fae can make these women fall in love with them, then the curse can be broken and their court can once again thrive.  If not, they will wither away and die. 

Prince Thane is an Unseelie Fae and lives with the sin of lust.  He must make Chastity Lennox, the embodiment of her virtue, fall in love with him.  But unlike all other females, mortal and Fae alike, Chastity does not immediately fall at Thane's feet.  She resists him, which entices him even more.  Only when Thane finds her one weakness is he able to seduce her into falling for him, heart and soul. 

Featherstone knows how to write erotic scenes, no doubt.  Thane is a wonderful romantic hero, and Chastity is quite good as the heroine. Not too heavy on the romance, Lust is about exactly that:  lust.  If you're looking for more historical romance with a dash of erotica, you've gotten the wrong book.  But if you're looking for well written erotic romance set in the Georgian period, look no further. 

The true mark of a book I like is if I wish the author had a sequel I can run out and purchase immediately.  There's no doubt that having to wait for her next entry in the Sins and Virtues series is going to be a difficult wait.  The author includes a good deal about Thane's twin brother, Kian, who is saddled with the sin of Envy, and his virtue, Mercy Lennox, who embodies kindness.  I hope that's the next book in this series because he was as divine as his brother.

Lust is definitely a must read for romance/erotica readers!


Lust was provided by the publisher, Harlequin, through NetGalley.

Every Virtue Has Its Vice..............

Born as one of the seven virtues along with her sisters, Chastity embodies purity.  Her father had been visited by the Fey queen of the Seelie Court and blessed with virtuous daughters, but things are not always as they appear, as the gift from the Seelie queen is part of an ongoing feud between the Seelie Fey and the Unseelie - or Dark Fey. 

Long ago, the Seelie queen cursed the Dark Fey princes to encase the seven deadly sins.  As their Unseelie Court dies out, they discover that to break the curse, they must love and be loved by their opposing virtues.  Only then will the Dark Fey be able to carry on their line.  They cannot carry their virtue off by force to their Unseelie Court; she must go willingly.  Thane, who houses lust within his Dark Fey body, finds his opposing virtue, purity, in Chastity Lennox, and he must win her love before a rival prince from the Seelie Court carries her off, leaving Thane eternally separated from his missing half.

Featherstone has hit upon a great idea for a series, and she delighted in Lust, the first this Broad has read.  Chastity is portrayed as purity, and the author convinced quite well considering the difficulties one would face in writing the wooing and seduction of the virtue of purity.  Also, the Dark Fey prince, Thane was done wonderfully.  While he embodies the sin of lust, and of course all that would naturally go along with that particular vice, Featherstone managed to make him likable as a character.  This is Lust, who conjures up a sexy prince image anyway, and this Broad is interested to see if the author will fare as successfully with a less 'sensual/acceptable' sin such as gluttony or sloth, both decidedly unattractive qualities.

Lust was wholly enjoyable, and I will read the next in the series.  The only complaint I have is that Featherstone did not explain why the Seelie prince didn't take Chastity to his court where Thane would not have been able to follow or interfere.  Granted, it would have ruined the story, but it was too obvious a solution to ignore and therefore needed an explanation. 

Take a chance on Charlotte Featherstone's daring will enjoy.




  1. When does the next book come out, does anyone know?


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