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Awakened by a Kiss: A Fiery Tales Collection-Lila DiPasqua

A book of retellings of three classic fairy tales-Sleeping Beauty, Little Red Riding Hood, and Puss In Boots-Awakened by a Kiss takes Charles Perrault's original tales and puts a delicious erotic spin on them.  All three short stories are divine in their adaptations of the originals, and this reader is definitely a fan of Ms. DiPasqua's writing. 

In the first story, Sleeping Beau, Adrien d'Aspe is a rake who has any woman he wants as his beck and call, but he can't forget one mysterious woman who seduced him five years before at a masquerade ball.  When he meets her again, he decides he must have her again, but she is to marry another man.  Adrien is a consummate seducer though, and he knows how to get around any obstacle, so another man is mere child's play.

The second story, Little Red Writing, involves Nicolas de Savignac, a member of the King's elite guard, and his quest to find who has been writing scandalous stories about powerful nobles and their antics.  His investigation leads to his grandmother's home, where he meets Anne and his sisters.  He immediately suspects Anne of being the scandalous writer and decides to seduce her to find out the truth.  But his feelings begin to make the prospect of hauling Anne away to prison more impossible each day he spends with her. For Anne, meeting Nicholas begins to change her from a woman who sees little good in men to one who can be open to love.

The third story, Bewitching in Boots, is about Elizabeth de Roussel, the favorite daughter of the King, and Tristan de Tiersonnier, the injured former head of the King's private guard who she has been in love with for years.  But Tristan, a man who is used to wielding his power over all around him, has no interest in who he sees as a spoiled brat of a woman.  Elizabeth is strong willed, though, and she has no intention of letting the man she loves wither away at his country estate feeling bad for himself because he has been sent into retirement as a result of his injury. Armed with a letter from the King ordering Tristan to be her new fencing instructor, Elizabeth plans to work her seductive magic to show him that not only is he strong enough to be the commander again, but he's man enough to be her husband.  For Tristan, Elizabeth's arrival is just the thing to bring him out of his exile and right into her arms.

Lila DiPasqua's stories are all quite good, but my favorite is the third story.  Tristan is just the kind of hero I like to read about, strong and dominant.  I particularly enjoyed that Elizabeth is as strong a character as he is.  They make a fantastic match, and the story is just great.

Read Awakened by a Kiss for three wonderful historical romances that have yummy eroticism as a bonus.  I will definitely be seeking out Lila DiPasqua's books in the future. 


Fiery Fairy Tales...................

Lila DiPasqua has taken favorite fairy tales and added her own twists to offer Awakened By A Kiss, three short stories, Sleeping Beau, Little Red Writing, and, Bewitching In Boots.  Each was entertaining, with my personal favorite being Sleeping Beau, the mixed up tale of a classic, Sleeping Beauty.  In DiPasqua's rendition, the beau is put to sleep by a beauty, seduced, and left with nothing but the memory of a woman he cannot forget.  When he encounters her at a later date, he determines to have her for good. 

DePasqua's retellings are more erotica than anything, and while the stories were cute, they are not incredibly well written and lack depth.  Instead, the author offers an easy read to simply enjoy while curled up with a cup of coffee.  I recommend it heartily for a light read with some spice.



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