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Welcome to the “Book Bash”!

We (Mina, Moira, Willow & guest posters) are passionate about books and read a great many of them. We broads also, being the brazen sort, have strong opinions and offer them without hesitation, which inspired us to set up shop and blog away about our adventures between the pages.  Expect to read it all here. From romance to politics, history to humor, biography to mystery, non-fiction to nonsense, we’ve read it (or will read it) all. We’ll give you the “what-for” from the page turners to the painfully pitiful, and it will all be brazenly blogged.

Books not your passion?  Not a problem.  We're featuring plenty of topics to satisfy most any Broad, so come on in and enjoy!

Brazen Reviews ~ Books & More

Braised Broads ~ Kitchens and Cooking

Broads On The Bake ~ Delicious Treats

Coffee Talk ~ Open Forum

A Broad And Her Baubles ~ Crafting

A Broad's Abode ~ Do It Yourself Decorating


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