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10 December 2011

Devil To Pay, Maria Zannini

A Short Novella - Great For A Quick, Steamy Romp - Short On Depth.

The Devil To Pay (Second Chances)Devil To Pay is the first novella in the Second chances series by author Maria Zannini. 

Shannon McKee is down on her luck.  Wiped out financially by a man she loved and facing bankruptcy with her antique shop because of the betrayal, Shannon prays for a way out.  Unfortunately for her, both heaven and hell determine to grant her hasty request, each sending a harvester angel to collect her soul.

When Shannon falls hard under their charms, sparks fly, and the rival angels, Liam and Michael, find themselves inexplicably unable to hand Shannon over to either realm, instead becoming fugitives and vying to win Shannon's heart.

Liam sacrifices himself, enabling Michael time to save Shannon, and both he and Shannon must make choices that will have eternal consequences.  For Shannon, the cost is dear.  To save Liam, whom she loves, she must bond her soul in eternal servitude to his rival - and brother - Michael.

Zannini writes a steamy, erotic world of seductive angels, sultry sprites, and a woman caught between two otherworldly lovers, earning a high heat rating from this Broad.  However, this is not a romance.  The sex is hot, but not emotional for the most part.  I would have liked to see more of why Shannon fell in love with Liam, and not simply the lust between them. 

I enjoyed the set up for Zannini's insertion of angles into the storyline, thinking her premise brilliant.  I was somewhat disappointed, though, that the author never fully explains why Shannon's desperate cry for help makes for such devastating consequences.  (In Zannini's defense, a second novella in the series, titled Chain of Souls, is now out and may answer my questions when I read it)

Devil To Pay is easily read in a few nights leisure reading before bed or over an afternoon cup of tea - or two, and any who enjoy a lusty romp between the pages should give this novella a read.  Not overly involved, Devil To Pay is great reading for an easily digested and quick escape.

Overall story - 3/5 stars
Characters - 3/5 stars
World Building - 4/5 stars
Romance Heat - 1/5 stars
Erotica heat - 4/5

* * * Moira * * *


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