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Brazen Books ~ Blood Eternal, Marie Treanor

Blood.  Sex.  Elizabeth.
'He looked as if he knew everything...and cared for nothing...'

Blood Eternal, the final in Marie Treanor's  Awakened By Blood series, may well be my favorite of the three.  Treanor first introduced us to her wonderful heroine, Elizabeth Silk, in her novel, Blood On Silk.  It was within those pages that we had our first taste of the sexiest vampire overlord this Broad has ever encountered - the last of the ancients, Saloman.  Treanor maintained danger, suspense, and questions throughout that novel, continued brilliantly in the second, Blood Sin, and now culminates in Blood Eternal - crafting an ending of epic proportions. 
The author added a healthy twinge of fear for our hero and heroine while staying true to that Mad, Bad, & Dangerous To Know character of whom I've grown so fond.  I fell in love with Saloman for a number of reasons.  At last, someone wrote a cool headed, confident vampire who knew with absolute certainty that he would achieve what he set out to do.  (Avoiding the spoiler is so, so, very difficult as I write this review...)  Saloman never wavered.  Never doubted.  Was never caught off guard.  

Elizabeth Silk is one of my favorite heroines in romance as well, leaving foolhardy trauma-drama in the dust in favor of a mature, intelligent woman's perspective as she confronts inexplicable events, supernatural beings, and falls into passionate, life-altering love with a powerful vampire.  In short, Dr. Silk is a Brazen Broad.  Treanor writes great depth of character in showing us her hopes, her fears, her wants, and her disappointments, enabling readers from various walks of life opportunities to connect with this character on a personal level.

Blood Eternal is the final act in Treanor's vision of colliding worlds.  Saloman is consolidating power virtually unopposed until our dear Senator awakens Luk, a maddened ancient - and Saloman's creator.  He is also the originator of the prophecy, which is woven throughout the series and dictates to a certain extent the maneuverings and orchestrations of all the players.  Saloman, Luk and Senator Dante, and the Hunters all strive to understand the role Elizabeth Silk is to play - ushering in the new vampire age or preventing it, none knowing for certain whether to encourage her onward or stop her from making a mistake that will end in catastrophic consequences.

Once again, Treanor delivers heart pounding passion between her vampire overlord and her bad-ass historian, delving into the romance more in Blood Eternal than in the first two novels in the series.  Lover, supporter, protector, or companion - Saloman encompasses it all, patiently awaiting Elizabeth's final surrender to her heart - and to his greatest desire.

Marie Treanor wows with Blood Eternal, earning a top pick recommendation from this Broad.  My only complaint -seriously, my only - is that the series is ended.   

Overall story - 5/5 stars
Plot - 5/5 stars
Saloman - 5/5 stars
Elizabeth - 5/5 stars
World building - 5/5 stars
Supporting Characters 5/5 stars
Romance heat - 5/5 stars



  1. I can't wait to read this!! Of course, I still have to get and read Blood Sin. I definitely have it bad for Saloman. Because of him, I'll never look at cream cheese the same way. Mmmm.


  2. You're not telling me anything, Mina! I just love, love, love Saloman. I plan on reading the series again - and re-reading is something I rarely do :) I simply cannot help myself.
    ~ Moira

  3. Just passing through and discovered your lovely review! Thank you so much! I'm thrilled you enjoyed BLOOD ETERNAL so much, and very grateful for all three of your fantastic reviews of this series.

    Oh and thank you too for honouring Elizabeth with the sought-after title "Brazen Broad" :)


  4. You are so welcome, Marie. I did love this book so very much. Please let me know when you've a new novel coming out! ~ Moira


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